A Day in the Life of the CLN Provincial Office

Program Support, Community Learning Network

1 2 25 April 2017

I am sure many of you wonder what we do all day at the provincial office in Edmonton! Here is a look into an average day as CLN Program Support… (although I don’t know if there really ever is an average day).

My day usually starts with me checking my emails, some mornings I will find requests from different CALPs requesting new Portal accounts for new or existing staff. There is usually a lot of email about upcoming trainings we are setting up.

Oh - there’s an email from someone who is having trouble registering for a course online. I will help them get registered.

Ok, now that is done, back to going through my emails…

Terri needs a hotel room booked in High Level for an upcoming IAFL training. Better take care of that right away.

I see Corrie has scanned and saved her evaluations from her Regional Meeting, I better look through them and summarize the results. It’s so interesting to read the comments and see how much people around the province value the training and meetings that are provided. Better let Pat know that the evaluations are saved from the meeting now.

The phone is ringing….oh yes, Val has a new staff member in her region and needs a Portal account set up. I will set up that account now and make sure I also add them to our internal database so we can track their years of service for CLN’s recognition program.

My office mate Odette just asked me to proofread the next edition of CALP Connections - I love to edit documents.

Also, I need to make sure Cheryl has sent in her blog for next week, as I need time to edit and have Odette look at it to have a second pair of eyes go over it and post it. I love reading the blogs, it’s such a great learning tool for me and also so interesting to read what services/resources are available and what amazing initiatives are happening around the province.

Oh an email from Emily asking me to update an email address and phone number for the CALP directory on the Portal. And before the end of the day Lisa needs to meet with me to with go over the upcoming Membership and Year End surveys we will be sending out in the next week or two. I am really looking forward to seeing the results. It will be such a great way for me to learn more about the CALPs.

And just like that the day is over. I love that no day is the same. It makes every day interesting and makes me look forward to coming into work. Now my goal is to meet most, if not all, of you around the province. I'm so excited to meet a lot of you at Symposium this fall – finally put faces to names.

Oh better run the phone is ringing….

Shaba Qureshi
CLN Program Support


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