Adventures in Microlearning!

Posted: 2 March 2016

Author: Lisa Dickner, Community Learning Network

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One of the parts of my job that I love is when someone brings an idea to our team and the universe works with us to bring it to life to benefit our members and partners.

Just under two years ago I was in a CLN Board meeting and Jackie Northey shared some information with us on microlearning (or rapid skill acquisition). At the time it was a concept that I had never heard of (which was also the case with many others on the Board) so we were all interested to learn more about what it was and why it would benefit CALP practitioners around the province. At the time the project looked “out of our league”. After all – where would we find the funding? Who would design our strategy and produce videos for us? And where would we find the expertise to embark on an adventure like this? (What I said internally was “Who has time for this?”) Little did I know…

Just under a year after that meeting, the CLN was funded through eCampusAlberta to develop a web-based Portal to support all of the organizations funded through Advanced Education’s “CALP” grant. Within these grant dollars was an opportunity not only to explore the concept of microlearning, but to move forward on developing some “microlearning” modules on topics of interest for our members to support their own professional learning. The intent of these short content workshops is to have a place on the Portal and give everyone 24/7 access to essential information to support the work they are doing in communities.

On February 23rd we launched our very first module on “Outcomes-based Measurement and Evaluation”. You can find it located on the “E-LEARNING” tab in the CALP Portal main menu (login required).

(Sarah Wray films an interview with Corrie Rhyasen Erdman
for one of the original videos included in our first workshop.)

This is the first of five modules that will be available to our members. Over the next year we have plans to develop the following new topics:

  • Budgeting & Financial Reporting
  • Learner Support Services
  • Learner Assessment Tools
  • Essential Skills

We will be reaching out to our members and partners for expertise and experience in order to build the content so it makes sense to you and hits all the key highlights. We want these mini-workshops to stand alone online and be filled with excellent resources and enough information to get you started on your learning journey.

I want to recognize the leads on this project – Ben Wilson & Sarah Wray (Benjo Productions) and our very own Odette Lloyd, for sharing their knowledge, expertise and talents to develop this new professional learning initiative. I also want to send my sincere thanks to the Regional Support Staff Team, our colleagues at Advanced Education, Ed Marchak, and to everyone who has given us a hand in shaping our first module.

It’s been a steep learning curve but inspirational and we look forward to the year ahead to be able to add more timely resources to share with all of you!

Lisa Dickner, Executive Director
Community Learning Network


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