Aligning the CALP Database to the 2016-17 CALP Final Report

Odette Lloyd, Community Learning Network

1 0 16 March 2017

Earlier this spring, Alberta Advanced Education released the new reporting template for the 2016-17 CALP Grant reporting period. We were excited that the CALP team has provided you the option to submit reporting from the Database instead of completing certain sections of the final report, including the programming tables and the evaluation tables.

We’ve been busy behind the scenes working with the developers to update the CALP Database to ensure the changes to the CALP Final Report are reflected in our system. Last week we completed a major round of system updates, and the final changes will be implemented to the system in the next 72 hours!

If you are currently using the Database, you will see some small changes and some new functions.

In the small changes column, you’ll see:

  • We have changed some of the language to better reflect the language in the grant. The generic “Courses” table is now called “Learning Opportunities”, and “Course” is only used to define a TYPE of Learning Opportunity (along with Learning Activity, Information Session, Family Literacy Program and Tutoring Session).
  • For Family Literacy Programs, you can now indicate which Model(s) your program is based on. Just go to your “Programs” under the Support Data tab to add the models. You will see that you can select one or more of the models. These will automatically be added to the Family Literacy Programming table in section D of the Final Report.Family Literacy Models
  • For tutoring in Literacy and Foundational Learning and English Language Learning, we’ve created new “Programming Areas” so the evaluation data can be rolled up and reported on, to match the new report template. You will still report the number of hours and adult learners for tutoring in Community Capacity Building, so there is a new Programming Area for this type of tutoring as well. You will need to ensure your tutoring sessions are “reclassified” to one of the new Programming Areas to ensure the data gets reported correctly for these learning opportunities. Be sure to select the Programming Area that has (CALP) at the end of its name for the data to get rolled up to align with the Final Report form from Advanced Education.
  • In Learner Profiles, we have added to the available selections for gender. You can now choose Male, Female, Prefer not to disclose, or Other.

Some of the bigger changes will now allow you to also use the Database to collect the information required in Section G, Evaluation, for Outcome 4 (Adult learners benefit from learning opportunities within their communities):

  • For each learning opportunity, you must now indicate whether the “instructional hours” (previously called “class hours”) are “Paid” or not. This will allow the system to calculate the number of volunteer tutor or other volunteer instructional hours, and the number of paid instructional hours.
  • On the main set-up page for learning opportunities, you can now add instructional hours as separate line entries, to make it easier to track over time, especially in the case of tutoring pairs.
  • We’ve add a NEW Feature, called “Timesheet”.


  • By adding entries with the Timesheet feature, you can also record volunteer hours from your board and other volunteers, as well as paid and unpaid staff hours.

The new User’s Manual will be ready by Monday, March 20th, and will be available on the Portal.

If you want to know more about the CALP Database, we will be hosting two webinars on March 29th.

  • If you are new to the Database, or simply want to know a little bit more, join us from 10:00 – 11:00 am for an introductory overview session. Just CLICK HERE to register for this session.
  • If you are already using the Database, and want to learn more about how to make the most of the new features and updates, join us for an intermediate level session from 1:00 – 2:30 pm. To register for the more advanced session, CLICK HERE.

Note: These webinars are only open to CALPs, so you must log in with your Portal account to register.

I look forward to seeing you online on the 29th!

Odette Lloyd
Communications Specialist
Community Learning Network


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