E-Learning Spotlight: CALP-Funded Family Literacy Program Operations

Posted:12 March 2019

Author: Tanis Harms, Community Learning Network

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I’ve always thought it would be neat to do a helicopter tour to get a “bird’s eye” view of the beautiful landscape features and hidden gems beneath – preferably in a Bird's eye viewtropical location of course! 

Speaking of hidden gems and features, have you had a chance yet to explore the new CALP-funded Family Literacy Program Operations e-learning?  If not, continue reading for a “bird’s eye” view of what you would notice…

After a brief introduction to Family Literacy as a whole, the second section of the e-learning focusses in on what exactly Family Literacy Programs in the context of the CALP Guidelines look like. Included are the following:

The third section looks specifically at Family Literacy Programs and CALP Operating Requirements, including:

If you are the main CALP staff member that oversees CALP-Funded Family Literacy Programs in your community, it may be helpful to explore the fourth section: Family Literacy Coordinators: What You Need to Know

  • For CALP-Funded Family Literacy Program Coordinators
    Is this section applicable to you?  Some questions are listed here to help you find out.

  • So I’m the Coordinator….Now What?
    It can be helpful to know where to begin if you are new to this role or need some help guiding your CALP-Funded Family Literacy programming. Some helpful resources that you can link up to from this section are some practical “How-To” documents with topics like:

    • Sample Family Literacy Coordinator Job Description
    • Sample Family Literacy Coordinator’s Yearly Calendar
    • How to Start Family Literacy Programming; and finally
    • Family Literacy Programs Expense Planning Calculator

  • Promoting Your CALP-Funded Family Literacy Programs
    If you find it difficult building awareness of your CALP-Funded Family Literacy Programs – who you are and what you do – here is a section that helps provide a starting place of brainstorming how to communicate with those within your CALP organization as well as those outside of your CALP organization.

  • Attracting Barriered Learners
    How do you find learners who can benefit from attending your programs?  Here’s a list of possibilities to get your brain juices flowing.

  • Communities of Practice: CALP-Funded Family Literacy Programs and Practitioners
    You’re not alone in this venture!  Remember to reach out to others in our system with questions or for support.

In the fifth section of Recruiting and Retaining Facilitators there is valuable information surrounding:

  • Recruiting, Training and Retaining Facilitators
    Need a sample job description for a facilitator?  Need suggestions about key information and possible training that could be helpful for facilitators? What might be helpful to keep in your facilitator personnel files? Where do you start in doing a performance evaluation with those who work for you? What information could be helpful to have in a binder for facilitators? Look no further – this information is in this section.
  • Strategies to Retain Staff and Volunteers
    Once you find a great facilitator or volunteer, how do you get them to stay for a while?  Explore this section for some great ideas!

And finally, in the last section of this e-learning, the “money stuff” is touched on in Seeking and Spending Program Dollars.

Well there you go – hopefully you enjoyed our tour and found some hidden gems along the way! Which resource or section have you found most helpful for your CALP-funded Family Literacy Program? Please share below!

Tanis Harms, CLN
North Regional Support Staff


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