Free Mentoring for CALP Literacy Practitioners

Posted:16 March 2021

Author: Terri Peters, tlp training

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This week's guest blog post is by Terri Peters. 

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Hi, I’m Terri Peters of TLP Training. This spring, I’ve been contracted by CLN to do some workshops on plain language for creating instructional materials, reading and writing instruction for adult literacy, and literacy lesson planning.

It’s been a fantastic experience so far. CALP staff are always so eager to learn together, share, and help each other out. Well, right back at you, folks!

As part of this contract, I’ve got some hours set aside to mentor you, or a small group at your CALP program, to apply what you learned in the workshops. The only commitment on your part is to attend a workshop OR watch the recording of it on the Portal.

Here’s the workshop lineup so you can register or watch the recordings:

For mentoring, you can be at any stage in your application of the learning – from “I’m not sure where to start,” to “I’ve got some stuff drafted and I’d sure love some feedback.”

Then sign up for Mentorship Opportunities on the Training & Events page. And away we go!

What can you expect of the mentorship?

  • Lots of questions if you’re in the “I’m not sure” phase. Okay, I ask lots of questions all the time, so that will be a given.
  • Constructive feedback on a draft, if you have one. Just send me your draft a week before you want to meet. I like to engage in dialogue for this. Together, we’ll talk about what’s going well and what you feel needs work and why. Then I’ll give some tips in the areas you want to improve. This is an appreciative conversation.
  • Tips for engaging with adult literacy learners.
  • Help with deciding next steps.

I’ve got an hour to meet with you or your small group, and there may be a chance for more time. It’s on a first come, first served basis so please sign up as soon as you feel that little nudge that says, “Hey, I sure wouldn’t mind talking about some of this stuff.”

Hope to see you and your CALP colleagues in the near future!

Terri Peters, TLP Training

Here’s what other CALP staff have said about the workshops:

I really appreciate the knowledge Terri shares. I enjoy her model of instruction followed by hands-on learning. Always a pleasure to be in one of Terri's trainings.

Terri is easy to follow for a few reasons: A good speaker, well organized content, content is what we need to know and is straight forward. I loved it!

Once again, a training filled with practical information that will be useful in our programs. It is always helpful to be able to ask questions and practice the new skills while the facilitator is there to assist and offer feedback.


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