Learner’s License and Citizenship Prep Kits… An Easier Way to Study!

Posted:29 March 2017

Author: Shaba Qureshi, Community Learning Network

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This week we are delighted to feature a guest blogger! Ellie Shuster is the Executive Director at the Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta. This week, she's sharing information on practical study resources....

Do you know someone studying for a Learner’s License? Canadian Citizenship test? It’s a lot to learn…

Now there is a practical study resource to help students be successful – and pass the test sooner!

Students and individuals often struggle with how to study all the information in the Driver’s Handbook (or the Discover Canada Guide). This is especially true for individuals for whom English is not their first language. Failing the test can be hard on their self-esteem, expensive and, in some cases, may interfere with their livelihood.

The Learner’s License Prep Kit and the Citizenship Prep Kit can help!

Based on the principles of Universal Design for Learning, the kits are a series of study cards that summarize the Driver’s Handbook (or the Discover Canada Guide) into smaller more manageable chunks of information.

The cards allow people to create an “I know it” pile and “I don’t know it” pile to show how well they have learned the information. 

People tend to keep reviewing what they already know and ignore what they don’t. The cards eliminate this problem and clearly demonstrate when the student is ready to take the test.

While online multiple choice tests are good for testing knowledge, they are not the most effective way to learn material. The cards are created so the student can recall rather than just recognize the correct information. This results in better understanding of the material and safer drivers.

The prep kits – and the new app for the Learner’s License – were developed by educational psychologists who have a special interest in learning disabilities. The printed kits (English or French) are available through Alberta Registry Offices or online. The English app can be found on iTunes and GooglePlay.

Proceeds from the sales support the Right to Read Program of the Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta – a program designed to screen all children in Alberta in English Kindergarten to Grade 1, French Immersion Grade 1-2, and young English Language Learners, for their foundational skills for reading, and to help them acquire the skills and knowledge they need to succeed… Catching children before they fail! 

Ellie Shuster
Executive Director
Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta

Do you have a great idea for a blog? If you're interested in being featured as a guest blogger, just email Shaba at office@calp.ca.


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