Ready for Summer

Lisa Dickner, Community Learning Network

1 1 25 June 2019

I’m ready for summer… how about you?Lisa Dickner

It’s that time of year when I try to take a little time to sit back, reflect and absorb all of the information that has been accumulating in my brain over the past grant year. It would be nice to think that it would just happen, without me working at it but in reality, it’s going to take a while to process. It has been a year of growth and challenge for me. When I think about all of the learning opportunities out there that I have accessed and all of the people who have shared their knowledge and experience with me – it is somewhat overwhelming. That’s why I’m glad my summer vacation is close at hand. I’m not going far this year – mainly to the backyard but it’ll be quiet and peaceful. I think I’m going to enjoy leaving my technology behind and just soaking up the sun and letting everything settle and synthesize while the white noises of the breezes in the trees, my curious cats and the activity of my neighbours across the fence gently wash over me. I imagine my brain won’t quite know what happened and will continue to do what it does until it can reconcile itself with the change of pace. Just a couple more days of managing year end and I’ll be there! I hope you, too, can find some space over the next few months to reflect on your past year and its influence on you and those around you. Our year-end evaluation surveys tell a story of activity and impact, both personal and professional. I’m sure you are looking forward to the break as much as I am to soak it all in.

However, I can’t get there without taking time to thank you – each and every one of you who is and has been engaged with our community adult learning system. Working with you and for you has kept me on my toes, expanded my thinking, engaged my senses, taught me a few lessons and brought me joy. Your investment in your learners, partners and colleagues keeps me inspired. I start my 10th year at CLN this fall and I can’t think of a place I’d rather be spending my time at this point in my life. Thank you for the precious gift of having a place among you.

May the days be sunny and filled with what brings you enjoyment, peace and what means most to you.

I look forward to gathering and celebrating with you in September!

Warm wishes,

Lisa Dickner
CLN Executive Director


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