Regional Meeting Recap from Symposium 2016

Posted: 1 November 2016

Author: Terri Peters, Community Learning Network

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Well, folks, we’re a diverse group of CALPs here in Alberta. I’m sure that’s not a surprise to anyone! You did a lot of sharing and networking at the Regional Meetings at Symposium and provided some key insights into training needs. Your Regional Support Staff and I are committed to bringing training as close to your doorstep as we can.

While there are no overarching commonalities in training needs across the province, you’re all committed to continuous learning to provide the best programs and services for adult learners in your communities. I think it says a great deal about the quality of adult learning in Alberta when a group of 124 CALP organizations isn’t satisfied with doing things in the same old way. This is true leadership - it shows that CALPs embrace change and strive to thrive as serving organizations.

What came out of the Regional Meetings at Symposium?

Top 4 training activities requested by at least 2 regions:

  • Introduction to Adult Foundational Learning (IAFL)
  • ReadForward/WriteForward
  • Collaborative Goal Setting with Adult Learners
  • Basic Facilitation Skills

Just a quick note – to date, 233 CALP staff have completed IAFL training, with 78 going through just at Symposium alone. There are 3 more IAFL trainings before the end of the year in Fort Saskatchewan, Vegreville, and Innisfail. Fort SK happens at the end of this week and you can check out the training calendar on the Portal to register for the other two.

Here are the top training needs identified by region:






Introduction to
Adult Foundational Learning (IAFL)

Read / Write Forward - assessment for adult literacy learners

Basic Facilitation Skills

Social Media / Facebook / Twitter / Reaching People

Training to work with Adults with Learning Disabilities

Family Literacy Models:

  • Parent-Child Mother Goose
  • Magic Carpet Ride
  • Aboriginal L.A.P.S

Rural Routes Training - top requests:

  • IELTS Preparation
  • ESL Assessment Strategies for Teaching Multi-level ELL Classrooms
  • Teaching Pre-Benchmark Learners
  • Citizenship Prep - Creating a course
  • Intro to Canadian Language Benchmarks
  • ESL Instructor / Tutor Networking time

Introduction to Adult Foundational Learning (IAFL)

Collaborative Goal Setting with Adult Learners

Building Blocks

Collaborative Goal Setting with Adult Learners

Creating Learning Partners

Foundational Life Skills

Learner Support Services

Collaborative Goal Setting with Adult Learners

Basic Facilitation Skills

Read / Write Forward - assessemnt for adult literacy learners

Financial Literacy Curriculum and Facilitator Training

Where do we go from here?

You’ll notice that there are relatively few commonalities in the chart above. However, the majority of the top training needs identified are already available through CLN, the Family Literacy training organizations, and Rural Routes.

CLN also has key partnerships with external training providers like Alberta Culture and Momentum for some of the more specific trainings. And we always look forward to more suggestions from you about excellent training providers.

Regional Support Staff are always hard at work to bring both IAFL and Intro to Family Literacy in your regions in a timely way. Family Literacy models training continues to be a need in some regions, while other regions seem to feel more established in this programming area. Regional Support Staff will use all of your feedback to coordinate training in your region and to inform CLN’s provincial strategy for professional development.

The good news is that we’re able to bring the training to you more often than in the past. Your requests will also guide what kinds of professional development can be offered at the annual Symposium. And some spring Regional Meetings may contain a professional development component, if it’s a strong request from the region.

CLN recently held an Experienced Staff Summit and heard about the professional development needs of CALP staff who are in mid-career or who are ready to pass on the responsibility to new folks. More about that in next week’s blog!

Your provincial PDAC (Professional Development Advisory Committee) is also in the middle of a review process of RFPs for new trainings to be rolled out in the 2017/18 programming year.

We’ve got your needs in mind and continue to look for more training partners who understand our deep commitment to adult literacy and foundational learning. And our ears are always open – we want to know what’s a priority for you in the next year and beyond. It’s as easy as an email or a call to your Regional Support Staff or me, the provincial Training Manager. I can’t promise we’ll do everything in the next year, but I can guarantee that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the variety of training that becomes available and the continued excellent quality.

Terri Peters
Training Manager


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