Regional Meetings Spring 2016: Best Practices from the Field

Terri Peters, Community Learning Network

1 0 1 June 2016

Thank-you to everyone who was able to participate in all 7 of the Regional Meetings province-wide this spring.

There is a mountain of wisdom in our CALP system!

I've compiled this document with best practices for all of the 6 programming areas in Literacy & Foundational Learning and Learner Support Services. I have made an attempt to summarize the best practices that were shared at all of the regional meetings – CLICK HERE to see the Spring 2016 Regional Meeting Summary (which you can also find in the Documents section of "All Members and Partners" when you are logged in to your Portal account).

For each programming area, the information is separated by best practices for coordinating programs and best practices for delivering programs.

I have kept the original wording, for the most part, that came from each Regional Meeting’s notes. That way you can hear your voice represented loud and clear.

Some programming areas also have links to resources suggested at various regional meetings. I couldn’t include every resource listed, so chose to include the ones that were easiest to access online.

Remember that each Regional Meeting’s notes will be posted in your region’s Group on the CALP Portal. Simply sign into the Portal, click on “My Groups,” find your region’s group and have a look at the Discussions and Documents. The Regional Meeting notes will be posted there.

Thank-you all for the ongoing generosity and professionalism you exhibit when we share our best ideas with each other.

Happy reading!

Terri Peters
CLN Regional Support Staff
Southern Alberta


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