Regional Support Staff - A Day in the Life

Terri Peters, Community Learning Network

0 0 25 January 2017

In May, it will be two years that the CALP system has had Regional Support Staff. I have had the pleasure of holding that position and now collaborating with them as Training Manager.

Being Regional Support Staff is a very busy job, just like yours. But what do those crafty gals get up to every day? Let me give you a few insights from my own experience and some “gossip” I’ve heard from the other support staff.

Here’s a diary of a typical day:

(okay, like you – there’s no such thing as a “typical” day, but let’s pretend just for fun)

Think I’ll start the day with a cup of coffee. Ahhh … that’s better. Now I can focus on the Portal and see what people have posted since yesterday. Hmmm, interesting, someone has posted a new resource I didn’t know about. And the blog I wrote last week just got posted by Odette. Has anyone responded? Think I’ll take a look at that new resource, first. Open that link and - oops - phone’s ringing!

Wonder who that could be? Oh, it’s a new CALP Coordinator. She sounds kind of anxious. Right, she’s only been in the job for two weeks. I wonder how that’s going for her. Okey-dokey – she needs me to come and see her pronto. What does my next week look like? Well, I’ve got Wednesday free. She’s just a 2-hour drive away, so maybe we’ll meet for lunch first and then get into the nitty gritty in the afternoon.

What help is she looking for? She wants to know how to access the Portal, use the CALP Database, train her tutors, and how to explain to her Board what the CALP Guidelines and Outcomes Measures are. Tall order. Might not work all in one New Staff Visit, I wonder what her priorities are? She’s not sure what’s a priority – too new in the job!

So, I’ll prepare some info on all of that and spend 3 – 4 hours with her next Wednesday. But for right now, I can talk her through how to get a Portal account and how to log in. Good thing we have 685 active users on the Portal – she’s going to get a lot of help. I’ll also connect her with Odette and Cheryl, our database whizzes.

And I’ll give Lisa a shout for some advice about a potential Board presentation for this CALP. We did 17 Board presentations last year as a team – and 8 around the province in the past 6 months. Love that Boards are really engaging with the Guidelines and wanting to know more!

I bet this new Coordinator could use some help thinking about how to keep her organization organized. Especially around financials. Super awesome that Val provided lots of input on the CALP Financial Management e-learning module. It gets SOOO many hits on the Portal!

Oh, I almost forgot – remind her to sign up for the next Intro to Adult Foundational Learning (IAFL) training. 142 CALP staff trained in IAFL just since August 2016, so there’s quite a few folks from our region who’ve already taken it. Note to self: call up that other CALP Coordinator who started 6 months ago in our region. See if I can share her email with this new person. They’re going to be best buds by the next regional meeting, I can just tell. Note to self: start planning the next regional meeting. Maybe I’ll see what facilitation and content stuff Terri’s already dreaming up for us about that.

Okay, where was I?

Right, the PDF of that new resource downloaded while I was on the phone. Oh, man. It’s brilliant! Kudos to that CALP for sharing with the rest of us. I think I’ll take a half hour to browse through it.

Hmmm … there’s some mention in here of intake, goal-setting, and assessment with learners. I remember Corrie did a really cool face-to-face coaching thing with a CALP Coordinator about this last month. I think I’ll pick her brain about this. And Emily – she used to run a volunteer tutor adult learning program, too, so she’ll know this stuff cold.

(Ping!) What’s that email popup say? It’s from Tanis. Looks like she and Val are trying to coordinate a training in the north. Family literacy. I don’t know much about that model. Better connect with Tanis or Cheryl - they’ll be able to give me the inside scoop.

My region is close-ish to the north. Maybe there are some people in my region who are interested in attending Tanis and Val’s family literacy training? I remember I did a survey at our last regional meeting about training needs. Nothing like a good needs assessment! Better look through my notes and get back to Tanis and Val about this.

I’m kind of curious – how many trainings did we do last year in 2015/16? 42 trainings and 528 people came to them. Pretty good. Wow – in the last 6 months we’ve already done 45 trainings with 404 people attending! Thank goodness we’ve got Pat keeping it all coordinated!

Seems like we’ve already doubled what we did last year. I don’t want to stretch the purses of my CALPs too much for professional development. The Symposium is coming up, too. I should really let that needs assessment guide me. Maybe a follow-up Doodle poll or email survey would be a good idea. Guess I’ll close the PDF of that resource and dig into that needs assessment. I know Shaba collated the data for me. Where’d she put it in our shared folders? Click – click – click - there it is.

Actually, now that I think of it, I said I’d connect with the CCI Stewardship rep today. She and one of her CALPs want to run a community dialogue. Think I’ll just ring her up. I LOVE coaching folks about these events and the bonus is I get to be there on the day and listen to the conversations. Wish more folks in my region would apply for the Culture of Collaboration dollars CLN has for these events. They’re such a great way to reach out to community and they’re usually a hoot to boot.

Aye karumba – it’s lunch already! Where does the day go?! Guess I should eat something before I give the CCI rep a call. Want to make sure my brain is at its best. Better make a list of what I want to get done this afternoon. Best laid plans …

Feel familiar? What does your day look like? Do tell !!!

Terri Peters
Training Manager
Community Learning Network



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