Spring Regional Meetings

Posted:14 May 2019

Author: Rebecca Still, Community Learning Network

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Every spring, CLN hosts Regional Meetings where we have an opportunity to meet with other CALP staff and system partners from our Region.

What an exciting time we had this year connecting and learning at each of the meetings throughout the province. We shared our knowledge, learned from each other, reconnected with old friends and made new friends. Throughout each meeting, we were inspired by and about the work we each do in our communities.

The meetings began in March with West–Central in Stony Plain. In the morning, we participated in a Connections Café where we shared and learned about various topics of interest. Right after lunch, we chose photos that represented our journey in CALP over the past year. In table groups, we put our photos together and created a collective collage, along with an explanation of our collage. Some groups used their photos to describe their journey and one group even acted out the key messages of their journey.

                                                 West SP Regional Meeting

We had a lot of fun tapping into our more creative side. The day ended with a variety of Cracker Barrel sessions.

The theme for the East-Central region was ‘Taking Care of You’. To help set the tone we began with thinking about what we love about our job – what inspires and motivates us. We wrote our thoughts down on leaf-shaped sticky notes and posted them on our Regional ‘tree’ that kept us grounded throughout the day. What a fun way to celebrate our work!

                                                                     East Regional Meeting 2

We then moved into a Connections Café and gained some great ideas in a number of topics. In the afternoon, we had an opportunity to attend 3 different Cracker Barrels.

At the South Regional Meeting, we started our day with a “How’s Your 5?” icebreaker, where we chose a candy to match one of five words: Love, Work, Play, Sleep, Eat. We had some fun moments as we shared how we were doing. For the rest of the morning, we created an Empathy Map to represent a learner in a CALP program and posted them on the wall. After lunch, we got to practice our Elevator Speeches while playing Bingo!

                                                                       south regional meeting

We ended the day trying out different instructional strategies like chunking, prediction and even Readers’ Theatre.

The West-Yellowhead Regional Meeting in Edson started with looking at words and symbols and trying to figure out what well-known phrase each one represented. We had some great discussions during the Connections Café. After lunch, we dove into tapping into our creative side as we created posters showing our journey through CALP over the year. The day ended with some great Cracker Barrel discussions.

                                                                       west ED meeting

As we began the North Regional Meeting, we each wrote a success we had throughout the year on a fruit-shaped sticky note, which we posted on the ‘Fruits of our Labour’ Tree. Then, for an icebreaker, we created ‘Trading Cards’ with our name and a fun fact about ourselves. We traded them around the room and tried to guess whom the cards matched.

                                                               north regional meeting

For the rest of the morning we talked about who foundational learners are, and generated ideas on how to find them. We started the afternoon with a Portal Quiz and two tables won a delicious prize. We learned a lot during our Table Talk sessions and ended the day by creating a Time Capsule. We each answered two questions:

  • What are one or two learning goals you have for the next year?
  • What is an inspirational message or success from this year you want to be reminded of one year from now?

We sealed our answers in an envelope to be opened next year!

The Central Regional Meeting’s theme was Connecting, Contributing and Learning. We wrote one work skill we are still learning on a caterpillar, and a skill we have "mastered" on a butterfly. We discovered that everyone’s butterfly was someone else’s caterpillar! We put our caterpillars and butterflies onto the garden wall.

                                                                                 central regional meeting

After lunch we worked through questions about the CALP Logic Model’s OMEs then went from table to table to build on the reflections from other table groups’ answers. We ended back at our table and got to read the answers everyone had contributed. We finished the afternoon by taking a pile of "authentic learning materials” and creating a presentation for the rest of the group. We had everything from posters, to magic squares, a mock community kitchen class, and wrapped it all up with a rap song!

It was great to connect with so many of you at this year’s Spring Regional Meetings. We hope you had as much fun as we did.

We’d love to hear from you. What was one thing you took back to your CALP from your Spring Regional Meeting? Leave a comment below.

Rebecca Still, CLN
West-Central Regional Support Staff


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