Introduction to Essential Skills

Published by: Susan Oguchi (Alberta Workforce Essential Skills)

Date & Time: Thursday, February 7, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Location: 3617 63 Ave NE, Calgary

Region(s): Calgary (Calgary Learns funded)

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Introduction to Essential Skills

Introduction to Essential Skills

This one-day workshop is for practitioners, curriculum developers and government. It will provide an introductory understanding of essential skills and complexity levels. Participants will learn about the components that go into creating an integrated curriculum and how to measure success. 

The workshop will provide an introduction to the essential skills tools, including:

  • the Essential Skills Framework
  • Complexity Levels
  • Occupational Profiles
  • the Comparative Framework
  • how to conduct needs assessments
  • how to use ES assessment tools

Cost: $340.00

To register or for more information contact Megan O’Dwyer:

Click here to download the poster.

* Participants taking both the Introductory and Advanced workshops will be eligible for Canada-Alberta Job Grant funding. For more information, please see: