Plain Language Marketing Brochures from Maskwacis Cultural College

Posted: 5 September 2019

Author: Manisha Khetarpal, Maskwacis Cultural College

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Moving Forward Looking Back  -  Summer Library Initiatives

This summer we had a team of five summer students and they worked on the Moving Forward Looking Back initiatives.  With lots of conversations, dialogues, reflections the students focused on four themes: Skill development via the summer experiential learning program, Partnerships created via book giveaways, Youth Summit event which involved hearing the voices of our youth, and let’s learn project management skills by viewing the book giveaway timeline and history.  Based on these four themes the following seven brochures were created by our summer students.

Title, Year: Summer Student Brochure, 2019

Summary:  The Samson Summer Student Program is an opportunity for students, who are continuing to go back to school in the fall, a chance to work during the summer time.  Students have the opportunity to work with the business in their community, such as the Band Office, Community Initiatives, Maskwacis Cultural College, the Howard Buffalo Memorial Center (HBMC), the Friendship Center, Nipisikopahk Education Association, and many other business offered within the Program. This program has given students an income to help with their future for school and has given them an excellent amount of work experience that would look amazing on a resume. Plus, acquire a reference letter. The summer students of MCC show what they learned working for the program.

Title, Year: Youth Summit Brochure, 2019

Summary: Working team - Youth Summit Working Group - Darryl Montour (Student), Jerilee Buffalo (Summer Student), Quincey Buffalo (Student), Violet Soosay (Culture and language) and Manisha Khetarpal (Supervisor)

Story in Numbers:

  •  6 presenters
  • 62 participants
  • 4 displays
  • 1 ACE test
  • 12 handouts
  • 1 youth coordinator
  • 4  summer youth skills program coordinators working with Ermineskin, Louis Bull, Samson, and Montana

Title, Year: Awasisak Brochure, 2019

Summary:  Maskwacis Cultural College gave away 2000 books at the Awasisak Conference in 2019 (see charts within brochure). Participants from the Treaty 6 area had taken some books. These areas covered were: Samson, Ermineskin, Saddle Lake, Louis Bull, Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, Paul First Band, Thunderchild, Loon River, Montana, and Enoch.

Title, Year: Book Giveaway Brochure, 2018

Summary: 35,090 books were given away across 18 different activity categories such as:

  • Powwows
  • Celebrations
  • Parades
  • Job fairs
  • Youth planning events
  •  Awasisak conference
  • Treaty 6 education assistant conference, etc.

Books were given away across 35 activities.

Title, Year: Book Giveaway Partnerships Brochure, 2019

Summary: Maskwacis Cultural College had partnered with many districts and institutions when giving and donating books such as:

  • Battle River School Division
  • St. Albert Further Education
  • Solomon College
  • St. Mary’s University
  • And many other institutes like daycares, and woman shelters.

Title, Year: Book Giveaway Brochure, 2019

Summary: 24,801 books were given away across 16 different activity categories such as:

  • Events
  • Literacy
  • Conferences
  • Programs
  • Meetings
  • Schools
  • And other organizations

Title, Year: Library Services for Strategic Planning Brochure, 2019

Summary:  Maskwacis Cultural College's continuing education program offered 58 learning opportunities, 296 instruction hours, and trained 1151 learners in 2018.

Next steps: Noncredit policy approved. Prepare process guidelines.

  • MCC’s 7th annual ATCO BBQ story in numbers 5000 books distributed, 1200 people participated, 775 school students, 15 partners, 8 vendors, 9 Cree language activities, 12 door prizes given away, 46 volunteers; practicum students from ECD 100, CS1102, EDPSY 1500 earned experiential learning credits, 1200 people enjoyed the BBQ (includes take outs by head starts), 28 classes attended; Schools from Maskwacis, Wetaskiwin, Ponoka participated; 11,625 minutes read recorded by participants, 193 hours of reading time recorded by participants, and 196 minutes read aloud to children by volunteer readers. 

Next steps: Prepare a toolkit based on May 29, 2019 event. Present at ATALM in October 2019.

  • MCC’s 7th annual book giveaway: 35,090 books given away across 35 occasions in 2018. 

Next steps: Giveaway at the Awasisak conference on July 18 and Samson powwow. Replicate MCC model in another community.




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