The Learning Lounge

Date: Tuesday, September 29

Time: 10:00am – 11:00am

The Learning Lounge

Date: Tuesday, September 29, 2020                                                                                                                                                    
Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Kick-off Symposium 2020 by attending The Learning Lounge networking sessions!

The Learning Lounge – Who’s Your Crew?

The Learning Lounge is a chance for you to do some informal, guided connecting and networking with like-minded people. Each room will focus on a specific group that you can personally relate to. There will be facilitators in each room, who will introduce some ideas to discuss, share their own experiences in the area, and help guide the discussion to support peer-to-peer learning and sharing. Sessions will be open to walk-ins and you can select your session on-site. You will also be encouraged to freely move from room to room. Visualize comfy surroundings and a casual learning atmosphere.

Who’s your crew for connecting and networking? Are you…

· The Knowledge Keepers 

  • Come spend some time with Elders from the community. Listen to the knowledge they are generously sharing with us, to help the CALP system build a stronger understanding of Indigenous and Metis ways of knowing and being, to better support Metis and Indigenous learners.

· The Adventure Seekers

  • You know who you are! You are always looking for new programming ideas, and are willing to try something and see what happens. Join other CALP staff to talk about tried and true programs, and new ideas they are trying or developing.

· The Bookworms

  • Come talk about your favourite resources. What are you reading or using for your own professional development? What tools, texts and tactics are most popular with the foundational learners in your programs?

· The Creatives

  • Community partnerships are key to successful CALPs. And you might have partners in your community you just haven’t met yet. Come chat about innovative partnerships and collaborations that support CALP and community.

· The Entrepreneurs

  • Are you exploring ways to find new funding sources in your community, your region, provincially or even federally? Thinking about tapping new markets or expanding your programming? Come learn and share about the opportunities for CALPs out there!  

· The Freshmen

  • If you are new in your role with CALP, or this is your first Symposium, stop by to meet some other Freshmen, build connections, and lean on CLN Regional Support Staff to help you with any question(s) you have.

· The Warriors

  • Have you been working in the CALP system for a while now? You’ve probably seen it all! Come chat with your colleagues about what you have learned along the way, share your secrets to success, and things you wish you had known when…