A Day in the Life of a CALP Coordinator

Posted:10 March 2016

Author: Odette Lloyd, Community Learning Network

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This week we are delighted to feature a guest blogger! Tanjia Hayden-Kaye is the Coordinator at the Ponoka office of the Ponoka/Rimbey Adult Learning. This week, she's sharing what a "typical" day in the life of a small CALP office looks like....

I could make a list of all the things I do during a day. Which day would I choose? Each day is different, each month is different! There are so many items I need to tend to every day, just scratching the surface with phone calls, emails and people stopping in to the office. Sometimes it seems like I’ve been “squirreling” all day and accomplished nothing! I know you’ve had days like that too.

So, for today, let’s look at my “to-do list”. Hmmm… oh shoot, I came in, retrieved my messages and made phone calls, checked emails and didn’t make a list. You all know a “to-do” list is really important, right? It makes me feel so accomplished to check those things off that list. I’ll start it now.

Retrieve messages – check

Return calls – check

Check emails – check!

Okay, now that we have that out of the way…

The kinds of things I’m responsible for, day to day range from the mundane like tallying the cheque register and petty cash, to the more meaningful – preparing or delivering family literacy classes…

hang on one second – someone wants to know where the court house is…

Oh now refer a walk in to the Town of Ponoka (which really means, talking a man down from his anger at dealing with Town regulations…)

Where was I? Oh yes, meaningful.

I’ve been working on a new thing for Ponoka which came out of the focus group we did last February. It’s a Newcomer’s Café. The group will meet once per month and there will be a different topic that will be discussed. I’m hoping more classes will come out of this Newcomer’s Café, like family literacy classes, tutor training, document use classes and other adult literacy classes. Over the past year I’ve realized I’m quite passionate about literacy, especially Family Literacy, and I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to take Introduction to Family Literacy and 3 models to use here in Ponoka.

One of the things I do at least once a week is contact my (central) Regional Support Staff, Cheryl Hollidge. I always seem to have a question for her, information I need, favors I need, help I need! She has become an indispensable resource for me.

Oh, I just remembered that the person I contacted to instruct H2S alive and First Aid was going to call me back last week but they didn’t. I’ll have to call her. Let’s add that to the “to-do list” for tomorrow.

Tanjia Heyden-Kaye
Ponoka/Rimbey Adult Learning


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