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CALP Connections: October 2019
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There are over 100 Community Adult Learning Programs in Alberta, and they can help you.

The Community Adult Learning Program supports over 100 community-based organizations that offer adult literacy and foundational learning programs, English Language Learning, and other adult learning programs and supports to meet your learning needs. Check out our maps and directory to find a Community Adult Learning Program near you.

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About the Community
Adult Learning Program

The Community Adult Learning Program supports over 100 community-based learning organizations who provide Adult Literacy and Foundational Learning opportunities in over 430 communities in every region of the province. These Community Adult Learning Programs (CALPs) are supported by the Community Learning Network, who works collaboratively with diverse system stakeholders and partners, to provide CALP staff with the Professional Development, training and support services they need to advance the Community Adult Learning Program's vision:

Changing lives through adult foundational learning in connected communities.

The Community Adult Learning Program is funded and supported by the Government of Alberta.