CALP-Funded Training and Resource Development

Since the late 1970's, the Government of Alberta has invested in community-based adult learning across the province. Through the Community Adult Learning Program (CALP), Advanced Education supports the delivery of adult learning opportunities, learner support services, and other initiatives that foster the advancement of community adult learning in Alberta.

This includes supporting the development of training, curriculum and resources that support CALP staff and volunteers to be able to meet the ever-changing needs of adult learners across the province, with a particular emphasis on Literacy and Foundational Learning needs. The Professional Development Advisory Committee (PDAC) continues to be instrumental to identifying PD priorities and system needs as they relate to training and support.

  • Build expertise in Adult Literacy among CALP practitioners, in areas such as:

    • Embedding literacy in programming
    • Understanding foundational learners, and how their individual contexts affect their literacy learning.
    • Adapting literacy program strategies to meet specific needs of learners’ individual contexts.
    • Exploring the needs of Alberta communities and developing an understanding of how literacy connects to those needs (for example, how poverty connects to literacy).
  • Effective governance and administration that supports the planning and delivery of outstanding literacy and foundational CALP programs.

  • Family Literacy Programs as a mode of delivery of adult literacy and foundational learning in the CALP context, with specific attention to the Adult Literacy category of the CALP Guidelines.

A number of resources and trainings have been developed in recent years, through the CALP PD Grant. You can learn more about these projects by exploring the menu items for this page.