Professional Development Advisory Committee (PDAC)

PDAC provides a formal, ongoing platform for stakeholders involved in the development and/or delivery of literacy and foundational learning to come together to share perspectives and information on the professional development (PD) needs of the CALP system, the effectiveness of current system investments to meet those needs, and to provide advice to Skilled Trades and Professions on priorities that could advance the CALP system vision.

You inform the decisions made at PDAC and on the CALP PD system

Your voice matters. Please feel free to reach out to your regional PDAC representative to share your ideas or concerns. 

Brian Yaeck (PDAC Chair)
Manager, Operational Policy and Stakeholder Relations
Skilled Trades and Professions


Cora Roberts
Foundational Learning and Skills Development Unit
Skilled Trades and Professions

Lisa Dickner
Executive Director
Community Learning Network

Lavonne Svenson (East-Central)
Beaver County Community Adult Learning Program

Debbie Clark (Granting Council Edmonton)
Executive Director

Deena Fuller (West-Central)
Executive Director
Hinton Adult Learning Society

Olivia McCotter (Urban Edmonton)
Indigenous Programs Coordinator
The Learning Centre Literacy Association

Pat Halewich
Events Specialist
Community Learning Network

Natasha Bozek (Central)
Executive Director
Neutral Hills Community Adult Learning Society

Amanda Lemieux (West-Central)
Indigenous Liaison
Edson and District Community Learning Society

Alana Johnson (South)
Rural Routes Lead
ESL Rural Routes

Donald Moore (Stewardship)
Dean, Education, Arts & Culture, University Studies, Trades & Technology 
Portage College

Wendy Peverett (Granting Council Edmonton)
Professional Development Specialist

Shauna Pivarnyik (Urban Calgary)
CARYA Bowmont Families Together

Leslie Carbone (North)
Administration Coordinator
Smoky River Adult Learning

Corrie Rhyasen Erdman
Training Manager
Community Learning Network

Amy Saitz
Dean, Business, Academics, Trades & Regional Stewardship
Northern Lakes College

Tanya Klappe (South)
Adult Learning Program Coordinator
RVS Adult Learning

Berniece Gowan (Granting Council Calgary)
Literacy Specialist
Calgary Learns

Robin Hairsine
Provincial Funding Coordinator, Program Policy and Stakeholder Relations
Skilled Trades and Professions 

Michelle Derbich
Senior Planner, Foundational Learning and Skills Development
Skilled Trades and Professions