CALP PD System

CALP Professional Development System

Alberta Advanced Education provides annual professional development (PD) grants to organizations that form the CALP PD system. These organizations coordinate and deliver PD so CALP-funded organizations can be successful in their work with adult foundational learners. Like the CALP system, the CALP PD system works towards achieving a vision and long-term outcomes to demonstrate the impact of grant dollars. The vision of the CALP PD system is:

CALP staff strive for excellence in priority areas to change the lives of foundational learners.

Your Partners in Professional Development

As part of the CALP system, you have a number of professional development resources and supports to help you succeed in your work to make a difference for adult foundational learners:

  • The Community Learning Network is dedicated to providing relevant and responsive training, professional development, networking opportunities, and supports to Community Adult Learning Programs (CALPs) across the province. CLN staff facilitates regional and provincial training and networking in person and online. CLN also hosts and manages the CALP Portal, where CALP staff, volunteers, partners and community stakeholders can connect through online forums, access our Resources library and collection of e-learning workshops, find and register for PD, training and networking opportunities, and keep up to date through our regular newsletters and blogs. CLN also provides specialized support, such as coaching and mentoring, for your organization’s staff and volunteers.

  • Edmonton Community Adult Learning Association (ECALA) and Calgary Learns, each employ dedicated staff in roles similar to the Regional Support Staff, to provide specialized support to CALP grant recipient organizations in their respective cities.

  • NorQuest College’s Alberta Routes Program and its team of Advisors helps you build capacity to deliver ELL programs and work with ELL learners.

Together, the Community Learning Network, ECALA, Calgary Learns and Alberta Routes make up the Regional Support Network, which not only helps you to build the knowledge and skills you need in your work, but helps you to engage with your peers in professional communities, and supports you to be leaders in adult learning and in shaping the CALP system.