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Personal Stories

A close call
Issue: November - December 2009

A funny story
Issue: March 2009

A happy day
Issue: May - June 2008

Baking soda
Issue: January 2009

Coming to Canada
Issue: September 2008

Dear stranger,
Issue: September 2006

Fun at the rec centre
Issue: January 2008

Happy work
Issue: November - December 2006

Helicopter ride
Issue: May - June 2008

I love art
Issue: September 2007

I love computers
Issue: October 2008

I love dogs
Issue: September 2009

I love painting
Issue: May - June 2007

I quit smoking
Issue: February 2007

It is fun to play volleyball
Issue: May - June 2009

Lab day
Issue: January 2007

Learning can be a frightening journey
Issue: October 2009

Life in Africa
Issue: May - June 2008

Lost cellphone
Issue: April 2008

Meet Zahed
Issue: February 2008