Regional Support Network

The Regional Support Network is responsible for:

  • Providing leadership, support and resources to Community Adult Learning Programs
  • Promoting, facilitating and providing professional development, training and networking opportunities for CALP practitioners and volunteer board members
  • Providing mentorship, orientation and coaching to new and seasoned CALP staff alike
  • Facilitating communication and collaboration among CALP staff, board members, the Government of Alberta, and other system stakeholders

The Regional Support Network is divided into five geographic regions. CLN's team includes 5 full-time Regional Support Staff (RSS), including an RSS located in each geographic region, and a Métis and Indigenous Liaison, who work with CALPs across the province. Each Regional Support Staff is attuned, attentive and responsive to the specific professional development, training and support needs within their region. The structure of the Regional Support Network facilitates grassroots communication and collective learning among Community Adult Learning Programs and key adult learning stakeholders.

The Community Learning Network's Executive Director, Training Manager, Literacy Specialist, Provincial Staff and Regional Support Staff work together to ensure that each region's training, networking and professional development needs are met.