FALP (Foundational Adult Learning Portal)

FALP (Foundational Adult Learning Portal)

Jenna Poncsak, MHC Pathways Adult Learning Foundations

2 0 21 February 2024

The portal will be an access point for online assessments and online learning resources for Albertan adult foundational learners, practitioners, instructors, tutors, and all advocates of learning. 

Whether learning for the improvement of daily life, advancing education or employment opportunities, online accessibility for foundational learners is important in this digital age. Our goal is to break the barrier of traditional learning through offering learning assessments and resources that can be accessed online anytime, anywhere. 

Please check out our website: www.adultlearningportal.ca and begin using the assessments as you best see fit with learners. 

Currently we have 18 assessments available in the four core areas of foundational learning: Skills for Learning, Literacy Skills, Numeracy Skills and Digital Skills. The intention of the assessments is for them to be used as a learning tool by learners, instructors, tutors, practitioners, etc. Please make sure you check out the “Your Voice” tab on the website; we would love to hear from you to gather feedback to improve our service. 

Our vision for the future of FALP will be to also provide user friendly, online foundational learning modules in the four core areas of learning, in addition to the assessments. So stay tuned!


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