Foundational Literacy and Numeracy Resources and Training for CALPs

Glen McCalpin, NorQuest College

1 0 23 October 2018

This week we have a guest blog from Glen McCalpin of NorQuest College. 

The Foundational Literacy and Numeracy materials, developed by NorQuest College are now available on the CALP Portal. The materials were developed for use by CALPs with foundational learners.  We completed a pilot project in the spring of 2018, which included training for several CALPs across the province and their use of the materials. With their support and suggestions the materials have been updated and are ready for use by all CALPs across the province.

These materials have been developed to prepare learners to enter into a GED Prep course or for further upgrading. We suggest that learners be working at a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5.  

To access the resources:

  1. Login to the CALP Portal at 
  2. Select ‘Resources’ on the navigation menu
  3. Use the search tool to search for “Foundational Literacy” or “Foundational Numeracy,” or use the “Collections” search to access the complete set of resources: 

Glen Blog

All materials are in .pdf format and can be downloaded to your computer. 

Each module has links embedded in lessons to instructional videos on YouTube that can be accessed by either the tutor or the learner. Should you choose print off materials, the videos can be viewed using a QR code reader that is a free APP for Cell phones or tablets. Should tutors or learners want to view the lessons on computer all of the video links are clickable and will open in YouTube.


Each Module has a facilitator guide and learner guide. The modules below can be taught in any order, however, the recommended order is outlined below.  There are reading skills that are explained in detail in the first module that will be used in the other modules. These reading skills may also be used with learners who are not quite at the level that they are intended for. These skills are taught in the first 49 pages of Module 1 but are not specific to voting. Therefore, tutors may want to use these as they may provide direction for teaching specific reading skills with their learners.

Module 1:  Who Should Be Allowed to Vote?  

Module 2: What Role Should the Government Have in Regulating Substances that Could Affect Personal Health?

Module 3: What is a Healthy Work-Life Balance?

Module 4: Who Should Be Responsible for Workplace Safety?


There is an Initial Numeracy Assessment that should be used to determine if these materials are suitable for the learner to use. There is an answer key and a placement guide.

Each Module has a facilitator guide and learner guide, assessments and a fully worked out solutions manual. It is suggested that learners not use calculators as we want them to develop numeracy skills.

Module 1: Fractions

Module 2: Decimals

Module 3: Integers

Module 4: Ratio, Rate and Percent

Note: The decimal and fractions modules can be competed in either order

Online Training 2018

You may attend as many of the training sessions as you are able. It is not necessary to attend all training sessions as some may not be beneficial to your role.

Thursday, November 15, 9:30 am to 12 pm:
How to use the Initial Numeracy Assessment

This training would be most beneficial for CALP staff and literacy or numeracy coordinators as you are the first contact of learners. Numeracy tutors may find it beneficial as well. To prepare for the training please download and complete the Initial Numeracy Assessment and have it with you.

Thursday, November 22, 9:30 am to 12 pm:
Numeracy how to use the modules as well as quizzes and tests 

This training will is beneficial for CALP staff, Literacy or Numeracy Coordinators and Numeracy Tutors. For training purposes the focus will be on the decimals module. Please download the Decimals facilitator module and Assessments. Also please install a QR code reader program to your phone or tablet.

Thursday, November 29, 9:30 am to 12 pm:
Literacy how to use the modules with the focus on skill development

This Training would be beneficial for CALP staff, Literacy Coordinators and Literacy Tutors. For training purposes the focus will be on Module 1: Voting.  Please download the Voting Facilitator guide and have a copy with you. Also please install a QR code reader program to your phone or tablet.



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