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Lori St.Cyr, Community Learning Network

0 2 8 December 2020


As you may know Indigenous peoples have a rich tradition of oral history and storytelling. Stories are told to pass down traditional knowledge to guide and to teach our people. They may include values, ceremony and worldview.

Some stories are sacred and may take many days to be told, some are passed down only through ceremony and must be earned. Stories can tell us why grandmother moon rises each night and how we came to be with stories of creation. Storytelling and art also aided in communicating between tribes and also aided in trading amongst tribes. Storytellers were an integral part of the community and were well known throughout many nations. Storytellers hold the knowledge of many generations, the knowledge of a people, the rich history and understanding of ceremony and tradition.

I would like to share with you today a few fiction and non-fiction books written by Metis, Indigenous and Inuit authors. I have also included some great resources that may interest you.

Memories of a Metis Settlement

Memories of a Metis Settlement by Constance Brissenden. First hand account of the history of East Prairie Metis Settlement, AB told by Elders and settlers in the community.

Image source: Chapters Indigo

A Mind Spread Out on the GroundA Mind Spread Out on the Ground by Alicia Elliott. A collection of essays and discussions about how Indigenous peoples are treated in Canada.

Image source: Chapters Indigo

Islands of Decolonial Love

Islands of Decolonial Love by Leanne Betasamosake Simpson. Collection of short stories, poems & songs. Explores the lives of contemporary Indigenous peoples & communities.

Image source: Chapters Indigo

Stolen WordsStolen Words by Melanie Florence Story about the loss of language and residential school.

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Annie Muktuk and other stories

Annie Muktuk and other stories by Norma Dunning. A collection of short stories about the Inuit people and perspective. 

Image source: Chapters Indigo

How The Earth Was Created

How The Earth Was Created: A Piikani Blackfoot Creation Story by Lucille Provost. The Piikani Collection Book 1.

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Indigenous Storybooks - Indigenous Storybooks is a Canadian website inspired by the open-licensed stories from Little Cree Books. This website contains: audio files, video, curriculum, books, articles, blogs and so much more.

Native Land – this website is interactive and informative. It also has resources on Land Acknowledgments, teachers guide, treaties list and much more. 

National Center for Truth and Reconciliation – The NCTRC is a component of Residential School Settlement Agreement. It is meant to inform Canadians about the Residential School system and legacy.           

This is a very small sample of Indigenous work and resources. My only wish in sharing these books and resources by Metis, Indigenous and Inuit authors is to encourage you to learn more about the Metis, Indigenous and Inuit peoples though stories told by them. I invite you to connect with me to chat to share knowledge, culture and my understanding of the Metis worldview.

Aye Aye

Lori St.Cyr
CLN Metis & Indigenous Liaison


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