Reaching Stakeholders

0 1 16 February 2021

This week's guest blog post is by Dorte Weber, this is part 3 in a series of 3.

Even without a pandemic, it can be challenging to reach enough stakeholders for the data to be meaningful. People are tired of surveys and reluctant to sign on for more explorations of their opinions. The pandemic has added the complication of being limited by technology and people’s feelingstechnology about technology. Whether people don’t have access to computers, Internet and social media, or simply choose not to engage with the technology for various reasons, it is now more difficult than ever before to ensure broad representation in data collection.

In a recent discussion with CALP leadership in the Peace River region, we identified a need for diverse methods of data collection. In addition to online surveys and online focus groups, we noted that some community members might be better reached by phone, through printed survey, and through personal connections and introductions. For advertising, we are looking at radio spots and information booths at grocery stores, as well as outreach through places of worship and other community gathering places. This is in addition to social media advertising.

What do you think are some less well known ways of reaching stakeholders? Can you contribute some ideas?

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Dorte Weber
Team Lead, Rural Routes


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