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Cheryl Lovstrom, Community Learning Network

0 2 15 December 2021

Picture the holiday scene: the family has gathered, the lights are twinkling, presents wait for excited children. Laughter, music, good food; it’s a perfect holiday gathering. Then, right in the middle of all the fun, little Bobby (or Suzie, or Chris, or Jill) bursts into tears, completely overwhelmed by too much of a good thing.

Just like the wee one who has the famous holiday meltdown, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information at our fingertips. Over the past 6 or so years, CLN has compiled a wondrous collection of resources to help CALP staff in their roles. Added to that, Portal users have contributed countless nuggets of gold through thousands of discussion posts, replies in kind, and fabulous uploads of their own. It’s a lot, I know. Where do I start? What do I look at first? HOW many files are in here?! There’s just SO MUCH INFORMATION!

Fear not, for this ghost of seasons present has a little present just for you. Consider this your holiday guide to CLN resource shopping.

New to the family? We’ve got the perfect collection for you:Portal resources

  • CALP Staff Essentials resource collection – an assortment of goodies the CLN Field Team has found very helpful over the years. This is the “oh, how I wish I had this when I started” collection.

  • CALP Portal e-Learning – bite sized learning guaranteed to fill you up without leaving you feeling overstuffed. There are 11 fabulous modules to choose from, but these are the perfect appetizers to start with:
  • Training and Events Calendar – packed with all upcoming CALP training, the calendar is updated as training becomes available. Your Portal Summary email will alert you when something new has been posted. Keep an eye out for some of these learning opportunities especially for new staff:
    • New Staff Webinars – offered several times a year, these webinars are a perfect opportunity to meet CLN Regional Support Staff and other new CALP staff just like you. A few days or a few years, if you’re on the job and you still feel new you are welcome!
    • Regional Connections Cafés – join your Regional Support Staff and meet CALP staff from your region. Connections Cafés are a great way to connect and build your network.

PS: “new” in the CALP world is everything from your very first day on the job to “I’ve been here 3 years and I still need support”. Truthfully, I’ve been hanging around for nearly 2 decades (yikes!) and I still love these little gems.

 Been around a little while? Know the family dynamics but looking to dig a little deeper? Or just gung ho and itching to dive on in? Check out these favourites:

Even this list may be enough to awaken the overwhelmed holiday toddler in all of us. Take your time, find what interests you, and start from there. Learning one thing leads to another, and another, and another, until you turn around and find you’ve gobbled up all you possibly can without unbuttoning those CALP pants. Then it’s time to sit back, digest for a while and, when you’re ready, dive in for dessert!

Cheryl Lovstrom
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