The Newly Revised A.L.L (Adult Literacy and Learning) in Family Literacy Programs

Tanis Harms, Community Learning Network

1 3 28 January 2020

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Why did it need to be revised?

In 2019 a new required training for family literacy programs was introduced specifically for CALP-funded programs.  It is called “CALP Essentials for Family Literacy Programs” and it focuses on the “what?” and “why?” of CALP-funded family literacy programming.  “A.L.L In Family Literacy Programs” was revised this fall to build on this foundation and focus on the “how?”

Time for change

What’s changed?

  • We have expanded the time devoted to learning about adult literacy strategies that can be used in family literacy programming
  • Participants will have more time to experience a CALP-funded Family Literacy Program sample session
  • Participants will have more hands-on practice time for planning a sample family literacy program session for CALP-funded programs
  • Participants will be able to identify and take away resources and ideas for their own future planning


What hasn’t changed?

  • The focus on adult literacy and learning in the context of family literacy programs will continue to be the focus of this training
  • Intentional planning that engages all ages of participants in programs
  • Resources for literacy and foundational learning strategies to support adult skills development and practice
  • Networking opportunities with fellow practitioners
  • Practical help for how to go back and plan on your own

*Note: CALP staff and facilitators are encouraged to set a foundation of knowledge by taking the “CALP Essentials for Family Literacy Programs” training prior to the “A.L.L in Family Literacy Programs” training.

Coming soon to a region near you….

Tanis Harms
CLN North Regional Support Staff


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