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About The Guide

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The Building Literacy Guide is intended to apply directly to the work of adult literacy practitioners. Allan Quigley has compiled a lifetime of knowledge and experience into this Guide. The Building Literacy Guide highlights proven methods and research-based approaches to the field of adult literacy and foundational learning. Within each section you will find practical tools and useable approaches you can use tomorrow and into the future.

This content is supported by a Master Bibliography and section specific ‘Want to Read More’ lists.

This Guide encourages you to experiment with and share your thoughts with other practitioners. Before you begin, Allan asks you to consider these prompts:

1. I believe the most important purpose of adult literacy education is to ...

2. I believe my responsibility to my learners is to ...

3. I believe it is the learners’ responsibility to ...

Most sections include an audio recording with the author. Allan Quigley is an engaging and dynamic speaker who is eager to be in conversation with you. Let’s begin with Allan.


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