About the Author

About the Author

A graphic showing the author Allan Quigley.

Meet Allan

Allan Quigley has a long history of working in the literacy field. He has written this Guide to share his knowledge and insights with the hopes it can help others working to Build Literacy.

Allan brings the unique perspective of being both an academic and adult literacy practitioner to this e-Learning. He taught his first adult literacy class in Northern Saskatchewan in 1972/73 and has been in and around adult literacy education ever since.

During the 1980’s, he was a public servant with (the then) Saskatchewan’s Department of Advanced Education and Manpower responsible for GED, ESL and ABE for the province, and, later, was Director of the University Affairs Branch. Allan was one of the founders of Saskatchewan’s community college system and has dedicated most of his life to work in adult literacy.

Dr. Allan Quigley was Professor of Adult Education at St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia for fourteen years and, prior to that, was (Associate) Professor at Penn State University.

In May, 2014, Allan was recognized with the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Association of Adult Educators. This award was from his academic peers across Canada. And, in 2012, Allan was inducted into the Adult and Continuing International Hall of Fame in recognition of his 40 years of work in adult education, worldwide.

Besides over 100 publications, he has conducted literacy research for the Governments of Canada, the USA and New Zealand. He was invited to conduct a country-wide speaking tour of Australia in 2004 and, following Hurricane Katrina, was invited to participate with the Lindy Boggs National Center for Community Literacy to help rebuild New Orleans through adult literacy.

Now semi-retired and living in White Rock, B.C., Allan continues with his publishing and is President of READ Surrey/White Rock, a regional one-to-one volunteer literacy tutoring program.