About Section Five

About Section Five

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In Section Five, Allan shares how the working formula for motivational teaching can be adapted to meet the various needs of adult literacy and foundational learners. He presents five perspectives and approaches to teaching adult literacy.

1. Self-Directed Learning (Andragogy): The Nurturing Approach

Ways to Use Self-Directed Learning
Using a Learning Contract
Recommendation Note

2. Behaviourism: The Operant Conditioning Approach

Limits and Successes of Behaviourism
Ways to Use Behaviourism

3. The Liberal Approach: Culture & Critical Thinking

Ways to Use the Liberal Approach

4. The Transformative Learning Approach: “Making Meaning”

Jack Mezirow Discovers Transformative Learning
Examples of Transformative Learning
What is the Transformative Learning Process?
Ways to Use Transformative Learning
Transformative Learning is Not Without Potential Problems

5. The Social Justice (“Radical”) Approach

Examples of the Social Justice Approach
Social Justice Learning is Not Without Potential Problems
Ways to use the Social Justice Approach