About Section Seven

About Section Seven

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Allan proposes a new conversation in Section Seven. A better way to highlight the field of adult literacy and the work of its modern day heroes. He encourages practitioners to consider how their voice and practice can be used to increase visibility of the field.

If you navigated this microlearning "logically" - from beginning to end - this secton marks the conclusion of the Building Literacy Guide. Regardless of your path, use these prompts to guide conversations with other practitioners, system stakeholders and your community:

1. I believe the most important purpose of adult literacy education is to ...

2. I believe my responsibility to my learners is to ...

3. I believe it is the learners’ responsibility to ...

The Need for a New Conversation

Why Literacy Stigmatization?
Our Landmarks Through the Lens of Literacy Classism

Living in a Time of Hope

Naming the Elephant

Towards a Wider Framework for Literacy: Visibility

Towards a Better Future


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