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The field of adult literacy dates back over 200 years. Generations of heroes and heroines that we should know about, be proud of and learn from. In this section, Allan takes us on a brief tour of literacy landmarks.

Some Fascinating Facts about the History of Reading

Want to do more reading?

Our Founding Landmarks: Some heroes and heroines past

A Brief History of Literacy Landmarks

The Bristol School Movement: Setting the stage for organized literacy education

The rise of the adult low literacy stereotype
History’s take away

The Port Royal Experiment: Literacy for freed slaves

The actual “experiment”

The Moonlight Schools of Kentucky: Changing the face of literacy

Far from a “fad and a failure”
Far from temporary

Chicago’s Hull House: From fine arts to social justice

The role of women in literacy

Canada’s Iconic Frontier College: Building literacy since 1899

What can we learn from our own history?

“An adult’s right to know”


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