Working with Volunteers: Your Greatest Partners

Published by: Kristin Dmytriw (Centre for Family Literacy)

Date & Time: Monday, June 3, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Location: Centre for Family Literacy- 11642 142 ST NW Edmonton, AB

Region(s): North, West Central, East Central, Central, South, Edmonton (ECALA funded), Calgary (Calgary Learns funded)

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Working with Volunteers: Your Greatest Partners

Literacy organizations rely on skilled and passionate volunteers to partner with us in our mission.  Participants will learn from each other’s experience in creating positive experiences for both our organizations and our volunteers, and explore good practices and valuable resources for volunteer management.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will gain and understanding of how valuable volunteers can be in literacy organizations, the various roles they can fill (beyond tutoring) and good practices in managing volunteers in relation to planning, recruiting, selection, training, supervision, recognition and retention.
  • We’ll examine our experiences in working with volunteers through meaningful discussion, explore relevant documents (such as job descriptions, handbooks, training materials), and brainstorm ideas for volunteer recruiting and recognition.
  • Participants will gain confidence and skills for managing volunteers creatively and effectively, gather ideas and resources to increase capacity and effectiveness in their role, and develop a wider community of practice with others who are managing volunteers in literacy organizations.

Cost: $215.00

This training is being offered as part of the Centre for Family Literacy's Training Week from June 3rd to 7th.

To Register:

The full week or 4 days of training should allow you to access financial support through the Canada Alberta Job Grant. Deadline for the application is typically 30 days prior to training. For more information and to apply for the grant please use the following link:

*a minimum of 8 participants are required for each training session
*please email Kristin Dmytriw with any allergies or dietary restrictions

If you have questions about the training please contact:
Kristin Dmytriw- Training Manager