lvl3 Instruments of the world: erhu



Hubert plays the erhu

Hubert is from Hong Kong. He came to Canada in the 1970s. He lives in Edmonton now.



Plays the erhu (say: arr-who)

Hubert has played the erhu for more than 40 years. He still takes lessons. He practices in his spare time.

Hubert has performed many times in Hong Kong and in Canada. He helps people learn about Chinese music. He gives erhu lessons and plans concerts too.



The erhu

The erhu is from China. People have played the erhu for more than 1,000 years.

The erhu has two strings. The body of the erhu is made of wood and python skin. A python is a large snake.




How to play the erhu

Hubert says the erhu is difficult to play.

  • He plays notes with his left hand. He pushes down on the strings.
  • He moves the bow back and forth across the strings. The bow is always between the two strings.



Watch and listen to Hubert play the erhu.