lvl2 Instruments of the world: horn


Mary plays the horn



Mary is from Edmonton. She is a musician. She plays the horn.

Mary started to play the horn in Grade 7. She was in a band program at school.

Studied music

Mary went to university. She studied music. Later, she went back to university to become a teacher.

Loves to teach

Mary teaches the horn. She has 16 students right now.



Loves to perform

Mary plays the horn at many events. Sometimes she plays with the Edmonton Symphony.

Mary also plays in a group with three other women.

The horn

The horn is also called the French horn. It is usually made of brass or silver.

Here are some parts of the horn:



How to play the horn

  • Mary rests her hand inside the bell. Her hand supports the horn. Her hand can also change the sound.


  • She buzzes (vibrates) her lips and blows air into the horn.


  • She presses on the levers.


Watch and listen to Mary play the horn.