lvl3 Learning to read changes man's life



Dave lives in Edmonton. He works for Edmonton Transit. He is a bus maintenance worker.

For most of his life, Dave could not read or write very well. He felt frustrated and confused. He often felt left out.

Made a big decision

In 2001, Dave decided to learn how to read. He did not want to feel left out anymore. Also, Dave's wife Stephanie was pregnant. Dave wanted to read stories to the new baby.

Went to a literacy program

A few years ago, Dave went to the Centre for Family Literacy in Edmonton. It is a free program. Soon the Centre matched Dave with a tutor.

Dave and his tutor Deanna have been working together for three years. Dave works hard. He often comes early for his lessons. He often stays late too.

Big changes

Dave's life has changed in many ways. For example:

  • Now his reading and writing are much better. He is not scared to fill out forms anymore.
  • He can read books with his daughters.
  • He is happier and more confident.

Won an award

Dave won an award from the Centre for Family Literacy in January 2008. It is the Lois Hole literacy award. Dave's family, friends, co-workers and tutor are very proud of him.



Future plans

Dave says, "I can't wait to read novels. I'd like to read books about cars." In the future, Dave hopes to have his own business.

Learning to read

Dave does many things to improve his reading. For example:

  • He reads books for adults who are learning to read. He reads English Express with his tutor Deanna.


  • He plays Scrabble with his tutor. It is a word game.


  • He reads with his children. They help each other learn.