lvl1 People saved owl

Found owl

A man found a snowy owl in November 2009. There was oil on the owl.




The man took the owl to a wildlife shelter.* The shelter is in Edmonton.

Helped owl

At the shelter, workers checked the owl. The next day, they washed the owl.




The workers were careful. Snowy owls have:

  • a sharp beak
  • sharp claws

Owl got better

The owl was at the shelter for about 5 weeks. Workers took care of the owl. The owl got better.




Let owl go

Workers let the owl go in January 2010.




It flew away.




Did you know?

Most of the year, snowy owls live in the Far North. Watch for them in Alberta in the winter.

If you find an injured wild animal

  • Call a wildlife shelter:
    1-877-924-2444 (free), or
  • Call Alberta Fish and Wildlife:
    1-877-944-0313 (free).

*the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton