lvl3 Woman's dream comes true



Esther Colwill had a dream. She wanted to climb the highest mountain on each continent. Her dream came true in July after she climbed Mount McKinley. It is the highest mountain in North America.

Some highlights

  • Esther climbed the first mountain in Africa with her parents. She was 13 years old.
  • Esther climbed Mount Everest in June 2005. It is the highest mountain in the world.

She said, "It's like being in a plane, but you're standing there".

Dangerous hobby

Climbing mountains can be dangerous. For example, it is hard to breathe on very high mountains. Climbers can get very sick.

Lives in Calgary

Esther is 32 years old. She works in Calgary. Her husband is also a climber.

Esther believes that you have to take some risks in life. You have to overcome your fears.


Adapted from the Calgary Herald and; Photos: Esther Colwill