Tom Jackson: actor, musician, activist


Tom Jackson is Aboriginal. He was born in 1948 on a reserve in Saskatchewan. His mother was Cree. His father was English.

Later, Tom and his family moved to Manitoba. He quit school when he was 15.

Tom lived on the streets of Winnipeg for seven years. He learned a lot about life during those seven years. For example:

  • Tom learned to work hard.
  • He learned not to give up.
  • He learned that it is important to help other people.


Loves music

Tom sings and plays the guitar. He enjoys writing his own songs. He has recorded 13 albums.

Tom’s music is part blues, part country and part rock.


Enjoys acting

Tom is also an actor. He has been on TV and in movies. He was on a show called North of 60 for six years.


Lives in Calgary now

Tom and his wife Alison live in Calgary. They make videos, movies and CDs. They produce concerts too.


Helps others

Tom is an activist. He works hard to make the world a better place. For example:

  • Tom’s concerts have raised $4 million for food banks.
  • He has raised money for farmers and for homeless shelters.

  • Tom worked with an actor who committed suicide (killed himself) in 1996. After that, Tom started the Dreamcatcher Tour.

The Dreamcatcher Tour is a program for Aboriginal youth. Tom and other people give workshops. They talk about ways to prevent suicide.

After each workshop, Tom and his band perform in a concert.

2008 update

  • Tom has recorded 14 albums now. He has raised $5 million for food banks.
  • Recently, Tom was in the films Skinwalkers and Mee-Shee: The Water Giant.

This article first appeared in the April 2006 issue of English Express.



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