Life in Africa

When I was nine years old, I lived in Ethiopia.



Where we lived, we saw monkeys, turtles, snakes and baboons.




Baboons love bananas and anything that tastes sweet. They are not as friendly as monkeys.




Sometimes, when you pass under a tree, baboons will throw banana skins and bits of fruit on you.

Baboons are not afraid of people. They steal fruit from the market. If you try to scare them away, they get mad and throw the fruit at you!

If you train them, baboons become your pet. They'll always protect you, just like a dog.

If you love baboons, they love you back. If you don't hurt them, they don't hurt you.

Our neighbour had a pet baboon. We were scared of it. Baboons can hurt you if you don't know how to play with them.

- Ayida, Calgary