Meet Zahed



Zahed Ahmadi studies ESL at NorQuest College in Edmonton.

Zahed won an award in December 2007. It is called the Shine award.

Zahed won the award because he works hard in class. He is helpful and positive.

Here is Zahed's story:


I was born in Afghanistan, but I grew up in Iran. I had friends there. I played sports, and I had a good job.




I felt happy when I was with my family. I want to see my family happy all of the time.

Now I feel sad when I see that my family has problems. I feel angry when I think about all the problems in my country. I really feel bad.

Now I am in Canada. I am happy right now. But I feel homesick when I think about the past. I hope I have a good future here.

- Zahed Ahmadi, Edmonton