Our teacher fainted!

Had a guest teacher

We are taking classes to help us find jobs.

  • We learn math, science and English.
  • We learn about safety at work and about how to find work.
  • We learn first aid too.




One day, we had a guest teacher. His name was Dan. He was helping us learn about job interviews.

The teacher fainted!

Suddenly, Dan stopped talking. He did not look well.

Dan said, "I don't feel well."




Then Dan fell on the ground. He fainted!

Knew what to do

Dan was breathing. We knew what to do. We put him in the recovery position. We put a bag under his head.




We asked Dan, "Are you all right?" Dan said, "I'm not well. I feel dizzy."




Phoned 9-1-1

Our regular teacher phoned 9-1-1. She asked for an ambulance.




Dan is okay

Dan is okay now. He is glad that we helped him.


Kabir and Ali, Edmonton

Note from the Editor:

I met with Kabir and Ali at their school. They showed me what happened. I took photos. The male teacher in the photos is not the teacher who fainted.