CALP Family Literacy Practitioner Survey

With funding and direction from Advanced Education, this year the CLN will lead a project to research and develop a required training for Family Literacy practitioners focused on the mandate outlined in the 2018 CALP Guidelines.  We are seeking input from current CALP system staff, board members, facilitators and volunteers to design this new training.

Please take a few minutes to share your reflections on your experience of Family Literacy training.

Your input will help shape this training in order to meet the needs of the system.

To begin, please select a training from the list, and provide your feedback about what you learned.

If you have taken multiple trainings in Family Literacy, please use the "Add a training record" at the bottom of this form to select another training to provide your feedback. You can add as many trainings to this form as you would like.

Click the "+ Add a training record" button below to comment on additional training
Training Other Approximately how long ago did you take this training? What was most helpful from this training in delivering your program? When you got home from training, were you equipped to deliver the family literacy program? What do you wish you had learned more about in this training?
for example: face-to-face, online, blended, home study, etc.