ALIS Publications for Low Literacy Learners

Posted: 4 November 2015

Author: Shaba Qureshi, Community Learning Network

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The Government of Alberta’s Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS) has a number of publications for low literacy learners that are intended to support their transition to the workforce, specifically pertaining to Career Planning and Job Search.

These resources can be accessed electronically through the ALIS (Alberta Learning and Information Services) website
Publications within this series include:

- Easy Reading Job Profiles
- Easy Reading Job Profiles: Help for Career Advisors
- Work and You Book 1: Make Some Job Choices
- Work and You Book 2: Decide on a Job
- Work and You: Help for Career Advisors
- Easy Reading Find a Job
- Easy Reading Keep your Job
- Easy Reading Dictionary

Thank you, and happy reading!


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