Answers May Vary (AMV) Facilitator’s Manual

Odette Lloyd, Community Learning Network

1 0 13 December 2016

Answers May Vary (AMV) Facilitator’s Manual 2016 is a training resource for agency administrators, supervisors and literacy practitioners on how to work with adults with developmental disabilities to improve their literacy and essential skills.

The Manual provides strategies and concrete ideas based on the Answers May Vary Guidebook, Answers May Vary Tutorial Videos and the Community Support Worker Training: How to build literacy and essential skills learning into daily life for adults with developmental disabilities pilot training sessions. This collection of resources was developed and shared by Bow Valley College.

There are supplemental documents that accompany the AMV Facilitator’s Manual, also available on the CALP Portal in the "Answers May Vary" Resource Collection, including:
AMV Facilitator’s Manual – Handouts, Master Materials and Equipment List; AMV Facilitator’s Manual – Supplemental Resources; AMV Facilitator’s Manual -- Powerpoint


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