Answers May Vary Research Report (2014)

Corrie Rhyasen Erdman, Community Learning Network

0 0 31 December 1969

Answers May Vary Research Report (2014)

Belle Auld

Purpose of research: What literacy resources, activities, and strategies are appropriate for tutors to use with adult literacy learners who have developmental disabilities, and who are working at International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS) level 1?

Outcomes of research: This study captures and shares SARAW tutors’ real-life experiences and expertise in helping adults with developmental disabilities improve their reading and writing skills. Many of the resources, strategies, and effective practices these tutors suggest can be used outside of a formal literacy program. In fact, as this study verifies, many of the most meaningful and effective practices involve using materials encountered in everyday life and a learner’s own life experiences. This is in keeping with the strategies recommended by Canadian adult literacy experts for use with any adult with very low literacy skills. In other words, this study verifies that adults with developmental disabilities benefit from many of the same strategies that help most adult literacy learners.


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