The Community Learning Network is excited to launch this Call for Applications for the development of CALP Professional Development projects for the benefit of Alberta and Albertans!

Alberta Advanced Education is investing up to $300,000 into the development of training programs, e-learning, curriculum, resource, or innovative methodology, to be made available to the entire CALP system, to address Professional Development needs.

The CALP Professional Development Advisory Committee (PDAC) has identified the following priority areas, for the Resource Development stream of the CALP PD Grant:

  • Build expertise in Adult Literacy among CALP practitioners, in areas such as:
    • Embedding literacy in programming.
    • Understanding foundational learners, and how their individual contexts affect their literacy learning.
    • Adapting literacy program strategies to meet specific needs of learners’ individual contexts.
    • Exploring the needs of Alberta communities and developing an understanding of how literacy connects to those needs (for example, how poverty connects to literacy).
  • Effective governance and administration that supports the planning and delivery of outstanding literacy and foundational CALP programs.
  • Family Literacy as a mode of delivery of adult literacy and foundational learning in the CALP context, with specific attention to the Adult Literacy category of the CALP Guidelines.

For background information and evaluation criteria for proposed projects, please download the Call for Applications Information Package.

This Call for Applications will include 2 stages:

  • Submission of Concept Papers, for review, ranking and funding recommendations by members of PDAC.
  • Full Applications: In consideration of the recommendations from PDAC, the CALP Professional Development Guidelines and CLN’s grant agreement with Advanced Education, CLN will invite applicants to submit full applications for projects.

To submit a Concept Paper, please download the template provided.

Concept papers will be accepted by CLN at until 12:00 p.m. (noon) on November 30, 2018.