About Teaching Reading: Strategies and Resources

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Teaching Reading: Strategies and Resources 

While the names of these strategies might be unfamiliar, the strategy itself might be remarkably familiar. All readers use these strategies to build, maintain and strengthen our skills as readers.

These instructional strategies are not new. In fact, many of the strategies included in this collection are referenced repeatedly in resources dedicated to teaching reading. 

You have access to many of these resources in print or online via the CALP Portal. This resource aimed to gather all the strategies in one place and provide a clear purpose for each strategy. 

This collection is organized by the five components of reading and includes the essentials needed to immediately use the strategy. These strategies require little to no preparation and can be easily incorporated into learning opportunities. Please share them in your learning opportunities. Feel free to be explicit about the strategy, how you use it and encourage all readers to incorporate the strategy into their everyday reading. 

Some of the strategies can be applied to more than one component of reading. For instance, Cloze works for both comprehension and vocabulary. Repeated Readings appears in Fluency and Comprehension. Embrace this flexibility! It is an important reminder that we don’t use these instructional strategies for readers in isolation and the components aren’t necessarily taught sequentially. 

Strategy Combinations

These instructional strategies should be used in combination. Each component of reading includes several instructional strategies and can be mixed and matched together. 

Here are some examples to get you started: 







Have fun creating different strategy combinations for your learning opportunities.