Think Aloud

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Think Aloud


Fluent readers engage prior knowledge, ask questions, and check for understanding as they read. This strategy encourages readers to do the same out loud. 


  • Choose a piece of text
  • Read the text out loud
  • Include all of your thinking as you read the text
  • Begin with 'who what when where why and how' prompts
  • Correct and/or add to your thinking as you continue to read 

Note: it is important to read the text and share all associated thinking out loud. Feel free to add corrections and predictions to the think aloud strategy. 

See It In Action


Go beyond a model, reveal a Think Aloud


Select a short passage to read. As you read,

Make predictions and develop hypotheses.

  •  “I think this is about….”
  •  “I wonder if….”
  • “It looks like…is going to happen.”

Describe visual images.

  • “I can see a boat on the sand….”
  • “It’s a rowboat with no paint and it’s worn by the weather.”

Share an analogy or make links to prior knowledge.

  • “I remember the large dark green boat we used at our family reunion. It was such a heavy boat that I couldn’t row it.”

Monitor confusing points.

  • “I didn’t get that piece….”
  • “I don’t understand this sentence. I have to go back and check that.”
  • “What was that I read before? Where did I read that part again?”

Use fix-up strategies or self-correction.

  • “Oh, I thought the boat was on the beach but really it’s out in the water. I’ll have to reread that. I think it’s a lake. Maybe it’s the ocean. If I read on maybe I will know where the boat is.”

Excerpted from Creating Learning Partners Unit 6 Reading

Use a Think Aloud Checklist to monitor progress.

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