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Helps readers use the meaning of a sentence to fill in the blank. 


  • Remove words from a piece of text
  • Use the context provided by the text to select words to fill in the blank

Note: use a word bank to supply words or leave the first (or last) letter of the word visible 

See It In Action


Context Analysis Strategy video from the Instructional Strategies for Reading e-Learning


1. Photocopy a short passage at the learner’s instructional reading level. Leave the first sentence complete but delete predictable words in the rest of the passage.
2. Explain the purpose of the activity to your learner. Ask the learner to fill in the blanks with words that make sense and sound right.
3. Model one of the blanks for the learner if needed.
4. Have your learner read through the passage filling in the blanks.
5. Accept all choices that make sense. If your learner uses a word that doesn’t make sense, ask them to read the sentence over and ask if their word choice makes sense. Help your learner choose a better word.

Excerpted from Creating Learning Partners Unit 6 Reading Handout 6.5 Creating Cloze Text 

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